Friday, December 2, 2016

NaNoWriMo Fail

Failure is hard to admit, but alas I have failed. And it's totally my fault.

I've been completely out of it these last several months. Okay...this year. I want to blame my day job. I want to blame my duties as a mom. A homemaker. A wife. I want to blame my recent diagnosis of anxiety .  But in truth it was all me.

I preferred to sleep or watch TV rather than write. I even wanted to blame the story. But I couldn't. The story is there.

I am proud that I completed 27k words. Writing something new. But I have to hold myself accountable.

I failed to complete the mission. My quest. I am grateful that the quest isn't over. I will finish this first draft. I am sure of it.

How do you hold yourself accountable?


  1. I battle with this too. It's all about getting my butt into that chair. First thing in the morning works for me. Before life sticks its nose in and distracts me. You'll figure it out.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  2. I have had months of lackluster writing. I think I'm discouraged because a manuscript died on sub last year, and I haven't had any response on the one that's out this year. Intellectually I know the only thing I can do is keep writing new books, but ... there's that Netflix siren call.


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