Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Yeah, I know summer has been active for a little bit now. But now it actually feels like summer!
I've been really thinking about my place in the universe these last couple of months.
My mission.
My purpose.
I tend to go through a cycle when it comes to change in my life. I reevaluate my goals, my objective.
I have to find a semblance of myself again and figure out where I fit in this moment.
That may take awhile.
And so I decided to take a summer blogging break in August.
I'll be back in September.
 I can't seem to give up on my basic need to write. My choice. And lovin' it.
Have a great rest of the summer!


  1. Hope you get some things worked out. Asking these questions keeps us wondering, and exploring, so it's all good. I think many scale back on blogging in summer. See you back soon!

    1. Thanks! My mantra: "it's all good." =)

  2. Happy Writing! I recently took a blog break too. It was helpful, and when you're ready you'll come back refreshed!


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