Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Insecurities, yeah, maybe...

I've been so wound up I can't even set goals. It's a terrible feeling. I feel as if I'm in limbo, floating around, stuck in space and time. There are doors open all around me. I can venture outside and escape, only I am comfortable here in my little hell-hole.

Wow...that's pretty pathetic.

My family has been keeping me intact.

My daughter forces me to go outside and see the light of day.

My son inspires me with words of hope.

My other son is ending one journey and starting another. Makes me realize new beginnings are possible.

My other, other son drives me crazy with reality checks. Sometimes, I just need that.

And my significant other keeps us all balanced.

I am not alone. And it is a wonderful feeling.


  1. You have it good and you know it. Can't ask for more when things seem dark.

    Here's my link if you'd like to drop by :-)

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  2. I love how they each provide something unique...something you need that only they can deliver. Wonderful! You are truly blessed :)

  3. I know what you mean, Chandara. Sometimes a big hug from my middle boy (my snuggliest) is all I need to get back to rights. Glad you've got your support :-)

  4. Nothing like someone to keep us balanced. Sounds like you have a great support group and plenty of material to incorporate in stories.

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling so down. It's great that you have family around to keep you going. (Although I'm afraid any "reality checks" in my life would make me quit writing immediately. Who spends 6 years doing something -- 12-16 hrs a day -- and has not a dime to show for it? This idiot right here.)

    1. You're not alone. His reality checks ground me. It makes me realize that the world doesn't spin around me. That hard times can be temporary if I get my butt up and do something about it. That writing will always be apart of me whether I like it or not. Those kinds of things. They drive me to move forward cause guess what? The future is coming with or without me. Don't give up. =)

  6. Sometimes, limbo comes with its comfort zone. But you've got some great peeps around you and some things'll be happing soon.

  7. I have had those limbo moments where I don't know what I should focus on or if how I should spend my time or if I'm absolutely nuts for doing this writing thing.

    The support and love of my family rescues me every time.

    1. They do rescue me and I am blessed to have them.

  8. It's such a blessing to have a family who supports you.

    As for the goals, maybe you should give yourself a break and just write/edit when/where you feel like it? Sometimes, this directionlessness (TOTALLY a word, I promise you) is a result of our lives exhausting us.


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