Wednesday, April 15, 2015



I've tried it. I've practice the breathing technique. I've practiced closing my eyes and imagining a blue light coursing into the top of my head, running down the length of my body. I've practiced repeating a mantra using a Japa Mala, or Rosary beads. I needed to quiet my mind, not an easy task.

Check out Art of Living for a list of benefits.

I stopped doing it, stopped trying to still my mind. But I have to start again, for my own sanity.

How do you quiet your mind?


  1. I've tried mediating too but I also can't quiet my mind. I need to try mediating again.

  2. Never tried it. I find a good walk helps. I take the dogs to a big field and let them run around. Then I have a chance to just sit and clear my mind.


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