Thursday, April 9, 2015

H= Happiness

Be Happy!
Life changes can't happen in despair. It can't happen when we are beating ourselves up with everything opposite of Happiness. I've learned this the hard way.
Happiness is hard work! At least for me it is.
Some tips:
Define what makes you happy.
Set meaningful goals...that make you happy.
Reflect on experiences...not stuff you have.
Exercise (Can't get out of this one)
Act the way you WANT to FEEL
Surround yourself with Happy people. It is contagious
Spread the love...Happiness
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  1. Finding joy in little things builds, I think - taking moments to enjoy a child's smile, two people hugging, a bird singing, an ant struggling along in the grass against all obstacles, the sunset, someone laughing, the colours of washing against the sky, the shadows moving on the ground in the breeze. ~Liz (If you are returning calls, if you click on my name you'll go to my Blogger site which has my links to my real blog, or you can copy and paste this:

  2. "Happiness is hard work!" As someone who has suffered from depression, I totally agree with that. Happiness is difficult to maintain, but your tips are perfect.

  3. This morning we had a substitute yoga instructor and she was just so calm and happy. She was an example of pure innate happiness. She totally demonstrated how we need to be the source of our own happiness.


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