Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#IWSG - A-Z Challenge

More Info on the group here
April is the A - Z Challenge!
I've never participate in the challenge and haven't officially said I would, but I started brainstorming posts. I labeled a letter of the alphabet to one index card and asked my kids to give me some words starting with them. I also added some words. I then looked over the words to see if I can come up with a theme. So...I came up with a few.
1. Video Games
2. Inspiration
3. Writing
4. Random words

I decided to go with Inspirational posts. I can use some inspiration right about now.
I still haven't signed up though. Not sure what I'm waiting for. I guess I'm afraid of failing.
That is my insecurity right now.
How about you? Have you signed up? And if you're a pro at this, any words of wisdom?


  1. Inspiration posts are great! We can always use more inspiration. :)

  2. A theme is great, and it seems like you're on the right track with planning. So you're like 90% on the scale to committing?

  3. Good luck on the challenge. Sounds like you have a great idea.

  4. Great way to come up with ideas for the challenge. I look forward to what you come up with.

  5. No, I haven't but if you do make sure I know about it. I'll cheer you on. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  6. This is my second year. Fear of failing is very real and I applaud you for admitting it. Even though I've done it once, flying solely by the seat of my pants, I'm still concerned as to whether I'll have enough energy and ideas to complete it a second year. Plenty of people start it and don't finish. There aren't really failures in this challenge. A challenge is just that. Go for it! I'll be looking out for your posts!


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