Monday, February 9, 2015

Picture of the week...and then some

Just chillin'
The life of a turtle. Yeah...that's kinda like me when I feel blah... Whatever, stare away you homo sapiens, but I know the secrets of the universe. 
Only if real life were that easy. It'd be boring.
Let's face it. We need chaos. A certain kind of chaos in our lives. We need the ticking of time whispering in the background.
Go to work.
Pick up kids
Yeah, not necessarily in that order. 
Sometimes, I ignore that chaos and ticking bomb but it's there when I'm ready to listen. Just. Doesn't. Go. Away. And that's totally okay with me. Without it I'd have no purpose. I'd have no direction. I'd cease to exist. Drama. Drama. Drama.
Happy Monday!  Excuse me while I go get my coffee.


  1. The life of a turtle would be pretty boring. Chaos...the good kind...keeps life interesting.


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