Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Funk

Funk is my new Friday word

I have been in a horrible Funk since NaNo ended. December was an overall Funk month for me. Sure, I got distracted with the holidays for a bit, but the Funk continued.

I watched seven seasons of X-Files...twice.

Trust me...I believe

And...I was like...

In job search hell. Felt like querying.

and then I was like...

Leave me alone. I'm listening to ...

Over and over...and over.

It's been funky creepy. My poor family. But I survived and am doing much better.  

What are your Funky craves? How do you overcome them?


  1. My Funk items are usually comfort foods, comfy places, books and sappy movies. :)
    I am slightly concerned that about the same time you went into funk mode, I somehow managed to crawl out of it and into productive heaven. If I stole your productiveness I do apologise and I'm sorry, but you can't have it back :)
    In all serious though I hope your funk vanishes soon.

    1. I think there's enough crazy for both of us. And yes, sappy movies are funk heaven! Here's to productivity for both of us. =)

  2. I climbed out of my most recent funk when I got started on long-awaited editorial revisions. It's funny ... I waited for them anxiously for so long, but when I finally got them, I dragged my feet getting started.

    But once I broke the seal, everything seemed so much better!

    1. Butt in Chair. I guess it works. =) Good luck on your edits.

  3. I was in a writing funk in the fall because I was way to busy teaching and promoting my book launches to write anything. It put me in a real funk. Funk cravings??? Bad TV watching: Beverley Hills Housewives, Dr Drew, Millionaire Matchmaker... like that. Plus eating chocolate and not exercising enough. Now I'm writing again and it feels SOOO GOOD!

  4. I've been re-watching X-Files on Netflix, but at a rate far less impressive than yours. I'm definitely in a writing funk. I want so badly to be writing, but always have something that has to be done first. I've fit some in, but I want to get back to a more significant amount of writing. Time to put other stuff off. It will get done eventually.

    1. I think that "eventually" is what kills it. Butt in Chair is the only remedy. Even if it's just to stare up in space. Or stare in space while talking to yourself. Yeah, been there, done that. =)


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