Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Round-up

Writers Write. That's what we do.

I've been writing loads this week and can't believe I haven't finished it yet. I did write the first "the end" that is an accomplishment. Now I'm doing edits. Yay! This sucker will be done in a few weeks and ready for betas. Anyone interested? shoot me an email. 

I participated in a few new releases this week. 
I'm so happy to surround myself with people who inspire me!  

Check out...

It's free and a great inspiration for authors. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I am really looking forward to writing The End on my current WIP, just to prove that it actually has an ending!

    I love revisions SO MUCH MORE than first drafts.

  2. Oh, I wish I had time to actually write! I have been doing hours of promo, and then teaching. Ulp, need a break!!!!


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