Friday, September 19, 2014

Let me take a Shelfie!

I hopped on this 

When: From Now until October 6th, 2014

What: Take a picture of your favorite book(s), your bookshelves, or you with your favorite book(s). We understand if you're shy and don't want to be in the picture, but you get bonus points if you are. Then share it on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter. It's as quick and easy as that!

This blog hop is hosted by eight amazing authors: Tara Tyler, Heather Gardner, CD Coffelt, M.J. Fifield, Elizabeth Seckman,Rena Rocford, Christine Rains , and Vikki Biram. They'll be offering prizes for various categories. The grand prize winner will win $40! 

Here's mine! Tada!

This is one of three bookshelves in the house. It's a hot mess. 


  1. Nice! I detect one of your books in there.

    1. lol...It's my fav but then I'm biased. =)

  2. I love how your shelves are like cubbies. :)

  3. Fantastic Shelfie! Most of my shelves are messy too. :) Have a great weekend.

  4. A mess of warm cozy books and pictures! I love it!
    And I found I had lots of collections of books around my house too!
    Thanks for playing!

  5. Your Shelfie is lovely! :) I love a messy bookshelf :P

  6. Your shelfie has character...looks busy...lovely!


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