Monday, July 7, 2014

The importance of a family vacation

I'm back!

After visiting family, driving up narrow mountain roads, exploring caves with bats and cockroaches! eww..., and swimming in clear water beaches I've learned the importance of a family vacation.

With no internet, no Xbox, and no cable I loved watching my boys talk to each other, play games, explore the caves and look for exotic fish. Not once did they complain about their Xbox, or fight for the TV. Not once did they complain about having to sleep in one room. They were even nice with their little sister. I missed spending quality time with them. I missed watching them act as brothers and sister. These are the memories I will cherish, and I hope they will too.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful family vacation. I'm not sure my family would survive without our electronic devices -- and I'm including me right in there. But it sounds like you had plenty of fun to keep you busy! Caves and bats and cockroaches, oh my!


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