Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IWSG- Year end post

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I've been with this wonderful group for about two years...I think. I highly recommend them. There's nothing like having awesome writers at your back when you need them. And let's face it, we are a species unto our own.

I have many insecurities. I admit it. I wish I could be like my sister. She can carry a conversation about anything, ask personal questions as if she knew you forever. I wish I could be like my  husband. Everyone talks to him, he's smooth with conversation, seamless, as if he knows everyone personally. But alas...

I was in the yard one day and my neighbor two houses down waved. I startled as if she were waving a bloodied machete, or a magic wand ready to zap me, or chop me up. I looked around wondering who she was waving to and found myself alone. She wasn't waving any horrible object, or pointing, or scowling. She smiled. I smiled and waved back. True story. No lie.

Yup. That sums up who I am in a nutshell.

Which is why I started this blog as Chandara. I wanted to peel out of myself and be someone else. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, or fake it.

My insecurities this year has been astronomical. I realized that my dream of publishing wasn't what I expected. The magic carpet didn't roll out and sweep me to Neverland where I don't ever have to grow up. Well, technically, I don't have to grow up in my books...but still. I have to grow up for real. Or at least look at life for what it truly is...and it is magical.

Outside of my writer side I have an awesome family. My son turns seventeen tomorrow. Wow...where have the years gone. I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, food. That has always been my baseline. Everything else is extra. And that's totally okay.

I was reading an article the other day of a doctor in Chicago who has been visiting the homeless under Wacker Drive for 12 years. Unnoticed by the public, he buys them food and coffee twice a week.  He was found out by a witness and made into an angel. But I'm pretty sure he was okay being the shadow helping these folks out. That was totally okay with him.

My point: if writing is what makes you happy you shouldn't need the glory that comes with it, the fame, the money...authors are laughing at me right now saying what money, what glory...exactly what I mean. Remember your baseline and everything else is extra.

Have a great Holiday Season


  1. Well said! You should get together with Regina Sirois. She gave an excellent keynote address on this topic at a conference I attended. It's hard to remember though and always good to be reminded to be happy with that baseline. So many people don't have even that.

    1. I love being inspired at conferences but it falls flat when you get to the real world. It is a constant reminded but worth it.

  2. This is a really great reminder to be happy and thankful for what we've got first and foremost. :) Happy birthday to your son tomorrow!

  3. That is exactly how I feel about it! I'm so lucky in most aspects of my life, and I try to appreciate all of them. If I couldn't get another book published, I'd be sad, but the world wouldn't stop. I'd just go on and find something else to do.

  4. Oh how I can relate to a lot of this, except I'm the one waving excitedly to my friend across the street and they look at me weird, and it's then I realize it's not my friend, but a total stranger who probably thinks I'm a crazy lady, lol! And Happy Birthday to your son! You're never going to believe this but, it's my son's birthday today too! He's turning five years old. Crazy how fast time flies....
    Have a great day with your son. (:

    1. Ha! I should try being the crazy lady for once. Time does go fast. I hope your son has a great birthday! =)

  5. Great post! And a wonderful reminder of we should be thankful for the base line.


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