Thursday, August 8, 2013


Okay, so I'm a bit late. Better late than never. Click here for group info.

I haven't posted for a while. I've been horribly busy, rerouting my energies, and taking time for me.  Yeah, that's a load full of crap. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I am full of 'em.

In truth, I've been trying to wrap my heart and mind around this whole publishing thing. The dream of it was so much different. I know I said that before. The reality of it is much harder to grasp.

But despite the choices I've made--some bad, some good--I realized that my insecurities haven't changed. The muse is still with me and so is her dark half which keeps telling me I suck. I should give it up. And this thought takes hold of me every time I try to promote myself.

 I take a step to talk to someone about how wonderful my book is and why I think they should buy it. I suck

I talk about my writing process. Who's going to listen? I suck.

I lead a writing club for teens. I so suck.

Publishing hasn't changed that. And I hate the battle inside me.

I do have two of the most awesomest crit partners, Anita and Vicky. They anchor me so I don't fall under or float to high away. I don't know what I would do without them. partners in crime. How do you silence the dark side of your muse?


  1. I tell her to shut the f up and get back to work.

    I've also been horribly busy and although I've posted I've been very lax this week about commenting thanks to a new job. Trying to catch up now...

  2. take charge woman! treat her like the vermin she is! mine whimpers in the corner hoping i dont look in her direction on a bad day to take my frustrations out on her! mwa ha ha ha!

    actually, she has a little sister that needles me sometimes and that small negative voice can do more damage, as she waits to strike when i'm down! evil!!

    yay for cp's and blog buddies who swoop in and save the day!!

  3. What you need to do is have some chocolate and then find lovely ways to torture that dark voice, inspiring you to write new ways to torment your characters! You're a fabulous writer. I still hear that rotten nag and I suspect she'll always be there, but I just keep pushing forward. It really does help to have great blogging buddies to lift your spirits. I don't know what I would've done without this wonderful community.

  4. Mostly by drafting by hand. It's easier to ignore my insecurities when I can only do something about it later. ;-)

    And remember: you don't suck.


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