Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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Okay, so I've been out of sorts lately and my blog has suffered. I have been in my revision hidey-hole for the last month. Revising a manuscript for submission to a publisher and editing my second book has left me with no time to do much else. I'm in la la land.

And don't let me start about my insecurities. With so much going on and the submission cycle and recycle I wonder why I started this at all. I told my husband the dream of it was so much better than the reality. But now that I started I can't seem to stop. It's like an addiction. It gets under your skin, in your blood. There's no stopping it. I've learned so much. I'm a stronger writer. I've learned to take criticism, to turn the other cheek, to fight for what I believe in. I've grown these last two years. As a person, as a professional.

I think.

It may be the result of all the images in my head or the words floating in and out, in and out of my mind.

Maybe it's a dream. I'm going to wake up and learn that I have to start all over again.

Holy the moly (as my daughter so eloquently phrases it).

Did I mention I've been out of sorts lately? Yeah...I'm crawling back to my hidey-hole.


  1. I wish you the best of luck! It sounds like you are more than swamped.


  2. It does get under your skin doesn't it? Your post reminds me that I need to crawl into a hidey hole, but I need to wait until the kids go back to school. *sigh*

    My fear is that I will never get the second, third, fourth...books written. They are all in various stages of writing, but...

    Okay! I'm getting back to work too.

  3. Urgh, been there so many times and I'm nowhere near the revision stage. I guess it never gets much easier. Writing is a strange thing - it can be so hard sometimes but its such an important part of who we are. Good luck with it all!

  4. Woof. Sound like yer in a tough bit. Hang in there. Maybe go out and get some fresh air. With how determinedly your paying your dues though, I have a hard time believing there isn't a bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. Take care.

  5. Deep breath...step away from the computer. Hug your family, go out for a nice walk in the park and casual dinner and then get back to work! You'll feel so much better this way, I'm sure :)

  6. You sound exactly like me, and that's the usual me, not the temporarily-feeling-out-of-sorts me. I think the saddest thing I've learned is that writing doesn't get easier. As you learn more and get better, your critical side learns more too and then it always finds something to point at and say "Not good enough." But giving up seems like ... well ... giving up. And who wants to admit defeat? So we just keep going.

  7. best of luck with submissions and revisions! I totally understand about being out of sorts and insecure. going through it right now!

  8. The dream better than the reality - it feels like that sometimes. But when your first book is published, trust me - that feeling vanishes!!

  9. Submission cycle and recycle -- that's a great way to put it. Hang in there!


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