Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wistful YA and Blog Tour info

I signed up to Writer's Alley Wistful YA a while back and haven't gotten around to writing a post, but here I am.

If you haven't heard, I've worked a long time in the community, working with youth and adults. And there's nothing quite like working with youth. I attended an event yesterday, honoring the youth and families who graduated a violence prevention program called A-STRONG-U.

I was blown away!

We had about a hundred families and teens for a room of seventy-five. We had personal success stories from youth who've found education to become attorneys, some who found hope and are currently out of gangs and getting their GED while working. We had young adults ranging from ages 10 - 18.

It's a pity we had no media coverage. We always hear about the negativity in our neighborhoods, gang violence and shootings, and drop-out rates, but sometimes...oftentimes, their are people in the community that are doing wonders with our youth. And their are youth who have overcome adversity to succeed.

And to those people, I thank you. Because they're the reason why I love my day job.

I'm also over with Theresa Milstein talking about organizing a blog tour. I'm also at Froze8 talking about cover design. I hope you can stop by! 


  1. I think there's a lot of good in the world that never gets noticed because the media is paying attention to all the bad. It's too bad. What a wonderful job you have!

  2. It was great to have you on my blog. People appreciated your blog tour advice.


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