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The Liminal Man - A Review

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Following the unsettling events of A Life Transparent, Donovan Candle has struggled to redefine himself after escaping the Monochrome, a colorless reality mirroring our own. Nearly a year later, his efforts have finally paid off: his wife, Donna, is pregnant with their first child, and his novel is complete. Life for the Candle family is good-for now.

Working as a private investigator alongside his brother, Donovan has witnessed the startling number of Missing Persons cases occurring around the city, familiar signs that something more devious is at play. His fears are confirmed when the bodies of several young men and women are discovered, apparent victims of a brutal murderer.

At first he's hesitant to act, but when Donna's nephew is abducted by the suspected killer, Donovan finds he has no choice but to face his fears. This time there is more at stake than just his own happiness, and doing the right thing may come at a terrible price . . .

In The Liminal Man, Todd Keisling continues the terrifying fable of Donovan Candle, entwining him in the ominous plot of a sadistic new enemy, and keeping readers enthralled until the very end.

My Review

I read A Life Transparent (book 1) after I agreed to be a blog tour stop. I had no clue what the book was about.  After reading it  I was hooked, and read book two shortly after. I love, love the theme of this book. Living a mediocre life leads Donovan to flicker into the Monochrome, another reality with no color and enough monsters eager to swallow him whole. What's not to love about that? And the scary part is, most of us who live mediocre lives (me included) are at risk. Yeah, I can see myself right alongside those suckers pulled into this colorless hell. 

Though the book carries a strong theme, Keisling doesn't preach it. He shows you through Donovan Candle's mistake in living a shell of a life.

In Liminal Man we follow Donovan after he's given a second chance. He's changed his ways, quit his job, and is now working with his brother as a Private Investigator. As he investigates the disappearance and subsequent murders of college kids, he's riddled with guilt for not doing enough to save them. Though college kids shouldn't be at risk of being pulled into the Monochrome, Donovan feels the culprit of the disappearances lies in the colorless world. As the plot unfolds there's twists and turns that lead the reader to an explosive finale.

The cliffhanger ending left me wondering Dullington's new role in the Monochrome and his plans for Donovan. That will have to wait until book 3.

A must read for thriller lovers.

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Todd Keisling is a two-time recipient of the Oswald Research and Creativity Prize for fiction. He is also the author of A LIFE TRANSPARENT and its forthcoming sequel, THE LIMINAL MAN. Born in Kentucky, he now lives and works with his wife and son somewhere near Reading, Pennsylvania. When he was a kid, he stuck a heart-shaped cinnamon candy up his left nostril. He hasn’t been the same since.

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  3. sounds like an excellent series! & love the swag!


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