Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Today is Friday, right?

It has been a wild week, and I'm so thankful it's over. I started a new job this week. Yay! And I started a new job this week, boo! It's a double edged sword.  I love my job, but it means I'm going to have to be extra rigid about my time. You know how that goes...

Time for family.
Time for me.
Time to write.
Time to be online.
Time to be engaged.
Time to live in the moment.

I'm sure I'm missing something else in there as well.

It really just means I have to be more organized and prioritize. I can do this!

So how was your wacky week?

I'm also over at Tara Tyler's Blog today talking about Community Networks.
I'm also talking about  showing vs telling with Livia at Leave it to Livia. Hope you can join me!


  1. Congrats on the new job, I think. Lol

    I had a great wacky week!

  2. Congratulations on starting a new job! "Time to be engaged"??? Maybe you've mentioned that before, but it slipped my mind~ congrats on that too! Getting married soon?

    1. Oh, how funny. And I'm a writer I should know about the power of words and using the right one! lol. No. I'm not engaged, engaged. I meant being more engaged with my surroundings...focused...lifing in the moment. lol. Wrong word to just leave hanging there.

    2. "living" in the moment. I'm a hot mess. =)

    3. Oh, duh! I feel stupid~ I swear, I have lingering pregnancy hormones that suck my brainpower right into oblivion. So sorry--I have no idea why I read that as that type of "engaged."

  3. New job! Exciting! And yes, I think time to be engaged is very important and sometimes difficult to do.

  4. Wow, Elizabeth, this post hits the target for my life right now. Juggling the joys and responsibilities of life is a full time job. Have a great weekend!

  5. Congratulations on the new job! Have a great weekend!


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