Monday, October 22, 2012

The Second Sign ARC Tour

My amazing Critique Partner is hosting an ARC Tour for THE SECOND SIGN and she's looking for participants.

Here's what she says...

I would like a boat load of people to read this book before its release in February and I want to flood cyber space with blogs promoting THE SECOND SIGN. If you'd like to participate in the ARC TOUR you will have to commit to the following:

1. Reading the book fast. Don't let the ARC sit on your shelf until February. We want to circulate this solo copy of THE SECOND SIGN to as many people as possible before the release.

2. Blog about the book

3. Pay to ship the book via priority mail (which typically costs $4.95) at the post office to the next person on the ARC Tour list. The Post Office provides free priority mail envelopes.

4. You're encouraged to write in the book, not only to sign it and leave Liz an awesome message about how much you enjoyed it, but also feel free to comment on any page where you think something is good/cool/whatever. Smiley faces and hearts are always welcome!

If you are interested in participating in the ARC TOUR for THE SECOND SIGN please contact me at

How awesome is that!  She is amazing. Check out her blog, Anita's Edge.


  1. You're too kind and equally amazing yourself. I'm so excited to head up the ARC Tour for you.

  2. What a great idea! Clever!!! :D

  3. OMGosh what an amazing idea! I think I'll do this too. Wonder when my ARCs will be ready? *sigh*

    Heading over to sign up for the tour.


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