Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teen Talk

Welcome to my world...


After my son came back from Puerto Rico this summer with a cell phone that didn't work after he let the tide drench it, we finally got him a "new" cell phone.

Happy as can be, he goes to school to brag...

"Dude, you can text me now. I have a phone," he tells his friend, takes out his phone, and flips it open. 

His friend's eyes widen. "Dude, is that a phone?"

I have no clue what the moral to this story is son got a flip phone and yes...he's not loving it. 

Is technology really shedding its skin too fast to keep up, or am I, like, a mean mom who doesn't appreciate what it means to be a teen in this day and age?  Go figure. 

I did have a good laugh, and so did my son, at that conversation. 


  1. My daughter took over my blog today to rant about her peers and their phones. Phones are *really* important status symbols these days. When we were teens, did we have anything as important as this?

    Designer jeans -- doesn't even scratch the surface I think.

  2. my boys are spoiled with a gotta have the latest tech dad...i might have a cell phone by now if it was just me...hate constant, unecessary upgrades!!

  3. Technology really does seem to be 'shedding its skin too fast to keep up', I think. Me, I don't care, but every time I look around someone else is bringing out their iPhone or Android, or whatever the new thing is these days that can work as a computer and has it's own internet connection. I have my flip phone, which works fine for me. I don't even 'text'. To me, a phone is a phone - nothing more. Kids always want the newest toy - and their toys are getting more and more expensive!

  4. That's a classic story. You'll he laughing about that for years. :)
    I can't believe how fast technology is moving.
    What I want to know is, how in the hell do these families afford to keep up with all the upgrades? How can these people afford their expensive phones and ipads?
    I thought I made a pretty good income but I can't begin to keep up with all that. I've never even held an ipad much less upgraded one yet. :) lol, I mean really? I just recently saved up the money to upgrade from my old very large desktop to a laptop and now my laptop is already considered old. It's crazy. I have a friend who just bought all her kids new Apple notebooks for Christmas last year. WHAT??? Crazy I tell you, crazy!

  5. It's scary to think about how we are going to evolve. I have to keep reminding him to live here, in the moment, not with his nose in the computer or phone. They miss everything around them. It's frustrating. But I also like that we're able to break barriers and learn through interaction with others as well. I don't know. It's a catch-22

  6. I really love technology, and with my business having a bad phone is disastrous. I know some teens with flip phones that don't care to update it as long as it works. I'm generally like that except I need to have a smartphone, it's a pain in someways to always feel on call, but it is better than staying home with the computer all day.



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