Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Landing back to reality

Okay, so I've been full of myself this week. After the reveal of the cover, and after folks started getting their ARCs and whatnot, my head almost exploded. It didn't...thank goodness. And I can say I've landed safely.  How did I manage that after my short departure?  Well, my kids. They ground me. Well, actually they pulled me from way on high and smacked me with a reality check.

I needed it.

After I updated my Facebook banner, my twitter page, my author Facebook page, and my website...yes, with my cover, I showed my son the brilliance I created with my blog. Yes, it included my cover. And, like always, he cocked his brow at me and shook his head as if I were a four-year-old who made a mud-pie and was about to proudly eat it.

"Mom," he says in a very gentle voice. "I think you're overdoing it a little bit."
"Really?" says I, really wanting to push that save button on my blog.
"Yeah, you're kinda scaring me." The brow still raised. I could never raise my brow like that.

Anyway...needless to say, I floated back down and decided to leave my blog alone. I started it before publication and I want to keep it neutral, safe. Yes, you'll see my cover on the sidebar calling to unsuspecting patrons perusing my blog, and, yes, I will be writing posts on everything publishing/writing/anything else that comes to mind,  but I will not use the cover as a background or as a banner on this blog.

I will, however, be changing the colors and whatnot because it does need a make-over.

What do you think?  Is it best to separate you from your book, especially if your readers are grandfathered into your author life?


  1. I kinda like the idea of keeping them separate. For myself at least. Of course you'll have it on your blog. But I don't see myself changing the whole theme of my blog to fit my book cover.

    We'll see when I get there I guess.

  2. Hi Suzi,

    I see a lot of authors with different blogs that are about their books. I think that would work for me. But who knows? I'm still reinventing myself. =)

  3. Such a beautiful cover. And I love how kids bring us back down to Earth!!

  4. Bahhahahaha! I need your kids around. When I got my cover. I splashed on everything I could get my hands on. :) But I loved finally having images that went along with my book.
    My cover is still everywhere, but on my website and blog. A good friend of mine designed a blog header and logo for me. Now I can switch it up a little.

  5. Oh and I wanted to say, don't be afraid to show it off. You earned the right, and it's a beautiful cover.

  6. Thanks everyone. Kids are just too honest sometimes. I wonder who's the adult.

    Thanks Dana =) I do have it everywhere. And I love that now I have something to work with for my images, business cards etc. It set things into motion. I just had to take a breather. =)

  7. I've looked at book pages on fb and book blogs and they do have a limited shelf life. Your son's right.

    Keep blogs and websites neutral, but overhaul them occasionally.

  8. It's gorgeous! I love those black wings. :)

  9. I think having the cover and link up on the sidebar of your blog should be enough. The cover is so gorgeous, readers will naturally be drawn to it and it is still one of the first things one sees when your blog page opens.


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