Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Know your book blogger

As I put on my marketing hat for the release of my debut, I started delving into the book blogger world. I've found lists and lists of book blogger blogs. My eyes were at risk of popping out.

First, I want to say that I don't agree with just sending out your baby to anyone to review. I want to know the person reviewing the book, what they've reviewed in the past. Is it to gain a favorable review? Duh, sure. But also to feel comfortable that the person doing the review is fair and may actually like the genre and theme of the book. It's similiar to looking for an agent.

So here's what I did...

Where Oh where should I start?
  • I started with genre in their url. My book is YA Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, so I looked into bloggers with something in their URL that matched that.
  • I looked up other published books similiar to mine and searched "reviews".  You'll find quite a few this way and it's a sure bet they review your genre.
  • Then I found an extensive YA book blogger list and randomly chose some, looked at their blogs, and if it was a good match I added it to my list.

What I looked for?
  • Review policy. Most have them. Be sure to check them out.
  • The date of their last review. Some haven't reviewed in a while. A hint that they probably are behind or not blogging anymore.
  • Quality of the review.
  • Books that I've read and liked and not liked and how they reviewed those.

What I learned?
  • This is very time consuming. Be prepared to spend a few hours at least.
  • Blogs that are closed to new requests usually have high follower rates.
  • Most blogs didn't accept Indie/self published requests.
  • Quality of the review beats out follower rate.

Be warned...this is a very small sample of those blogs I looked up and statistically irrelevant. =)

Do you have a system when looking for book bloggers? Care to share your experience?


  1. I can't imagine how much work that was because there are SO many book bloggers.

    Thanks for the advice. I hope I need it someday. Ha! :)

  2. Sounds pretty similar to my stalking--I mean, analyzing--method! ;) Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

  3. Great post, Elizabeth. I guess since my release is next week, I should do this too?!? :)
    Don't you just love those negative reviews that start with "I don't usually read this genre but..."
    I don't understand leaving a negative review for a book in a genre you don't even like. What's the point?
    I've recently been reading a lot of reviews for my genre, romantic suspense, and these ladies are no joke. They know what they want in their genre, and they'll let you know if they don't like what they read.
    Thanks for the great info, I'm off to find some awesome book bloggers to review Dangerous Embrace. :)
    Oh, and I hope you're feeling better.

  4. Emily, there are so many book bloggers out there. And I'm sure you will need the info soon. =)

    Carrie, stalking helps too.

    Dana, I are always a risk. And there will be negative ones, I'm sure. The business is subjective. Its why it's so important to do your research rather than just send requests off blindly. =) At least, I hope. Thanks for the well wishes. I do feel better.

  5. and i am bookmarking this page! thanks!

  6. Tara, no, no, no. You do not pay book reviewers. You just give them the book to review. Thanks, I'm glad this helps. =)


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