Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiring me today...

Inspiring me today...

After I told my son how beautiful his hair was and how awesome it would be if he donated it, he started to let it grow. He was eight.

During those two years he's been mistaken for a girl.

Cris with his cousin
He's heard...

"Well thank you, little lady." After helping an elderly man by holding the door open for him.

At my son's graduation lunch the waiter brought his food and gestured to another waiter that the food belonged to the "girl" in the middle. Him

At school, his friends asked him why he was letting his hair grow and laughed when he told them he was donating it. It wasn't bullying. I talked to the teacher about that. They just didn't understand.

Throughout all this he vented with me.
Cris with his sister

"I want to cut it!" he'd say.
 "Are you sure? We can cut it tomorrow," I responded.
He'd look at me and I know he was trying to figure out what was best.
"You don't have to do this," I reminded him.

And always he'd just shrug it off and tell me he wanted to keep going. Finally, it got to the point where he didn't correct anyone. He didn't care. And at 12 inches, he donated his hair.

I share this story because I am so proud of him. It may be easy for girls to let their hair grow, but for boys it is a challenge, especially when they are that young and still growing into themselves. His selfless action reminded me that making a commitment, a promise, isn't always easy. It's a challenge. But those that overcome those challenges are better for it.  So whatever life throws at you, don't give up. Do what you said you would do. It's the only way you'll get there. My ten-year-old taught me that. And I am so proud of him.

A shave and a haircut...


  1. That's so sweet! My husband has shoulder-length hair. He's an actor, so it comes in handy all the time. :) I should tell him to donate it next time he cuts it!

  2. What an amazing boy! Shows what a good job his mom is doing. ;)

  3. What a wonderful mom you are to raise such a generous child.

  4. You have such a thoughtful, generous son.

  5. What a mom you are, Elizabeth. You seem to be raising a smart and sensitive young man! Bravo!

  6. Thanks! You guys are giving me way too much credit. It was all him. He's an amazing little man. =)

  7. What a great story. So glad you shared it with us. I needed a little inspiration.

    Tell him good job from me. :)

  8. What a fabulous thing your son did! Kudos to his courage and perseverance. :)


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