Friday, August 17, 2012

WriteOnCon wrap-up

It was hard to choose. I'd recommend checking out their website and going through all the great information there. But...alas, I had to narrow it down. So, here are my WriteOnCon favs and what I learned.

Day one:

The live pitching event with agent Peter Knapp. Go Here You have to register to see it.
Peter went way above and beyond his allotted time frame to finish all the pitches (250 words) and gave great feedback. What seemed to be the consistent message? Specificity.  Be specific in your query.

The Importance of Craft by editor Molly O'Neill  Click here.
Molly wrote a heartfelt piece about the importance of learning the craft of writing. It is a continuous process that gets better as time goes on, but we have to work at it. This reminded me that countless hours networking and staring at the computer will get me no where if it isn't balanced with the continued learning of the craft. We can only get better. Regardless of how many books we've written and/or published.  This is a must read.

Do it Yourself project by Author Shelley Moore Thomas. Click here
Shelley shows us some do it yourself projects that are great giveaways during book signings/readings. I am so going to do that notebook project. Check it out for some great ideas to spice up your events.

Day two:

Reading like a Book Blogger with Authors Lenore Appelhans and Phoebe North. Click Here.
I loved, loved, loved this vlog. Not only did they speak about things they've read a million times in books, but gave suggestions on how not to do it.  A great one to look at.

Building Better Sentences workshop with Gennifer Albin. You have to register to see it. Click Here.
Gennifer gave some great feedback on how to tighten up your prose for a stronger manuscript.

Knowing when your MS is ready to query by agent Lara Perkins. Click here.
I loved the in-depth questions we should ask when determining if our MS is ready. Loads of authors have mentioned that their biggest regret was submitting when the MS wasn't ready. Check out this post to check out if yours is ready.

If you participated in WriteOnCon, which were your favs?


  1. Thanks for the wrap-up! I'm still getting to some of these...and still wondering about the identities of those sneaky ninja agents :)

  2. Thanks for the links, Elizabeth. I have always appreciated Molly O'Neill's thoughts - I'll check out the others too!

  3. I'm glad it went so well. Thank you for the links! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I did not attend but you sure made me wish I could have!

  5. All the info is still there. =)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks for sharing, interesting reads!


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