Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Round up

Happy Friday!

I got my groove back! Started writing, excited about writing...It feels good... are a few links to tidy up the week.  I hope you enjoy!

New Agent Alerts at Falling Leaflets.

Algonquin books blog ask an editor how to avoid the dreaded no.

If you have not seen the Plot Whisperer youtube series it is a must for writers. Loads of great info to keep the readers turning pages in your book.

Because there is always hope. Check out Lydia Kang's post on her querying journey at the Lucky 13. I just love reading success stories and this is a great one.

That's it for this week. Have fun, stay cool, and play safe.


  1. Thanks for the links (and the blog shout-out!)~ I loved reading Lydia Kang's querying journey :)

  2. Thanks for the links! The Plot whisperer. Sounds interesting!

  3. You've got some really great links here! I'm glad you got your writing groove back. It's such a good feeling:)

  4. Finally catching up on my blog reading. These look like great links. I popped around to the Plot Whisperer site and bookmarked it. Thanks for the suggestions. :)


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