Thursday, May 10, 2012

YA Contemporary Rocks!

I usually don't post on Thursday but that Happy Birthday post yesterday is freaking me out. So...I wanted to write a bit about YA Contemporary since I'm in a midlife crisis  perfect state of mind for it.

I never read Contemporary as a kid. Never.  I didn't want to read about "issues" other kids were having 'cause I was living it. I read to forget, not to remember my life.

But then...there are stories like this...Girl in Progress (Trailer below).

I got shivers watching the trailer.

As an adult I started reading Contemporary because I felt safe. I already been there, done that, my mind intact (sort of).  And I found a whole new world within the pages of "real life" stories.

 Some characters I totally related to, some characters I hoped I had been, some showed me that I had been lucky not to have gone through some of that. 

Which made me think about the power of our stories.

Whether you lived on the run,
Whether you lived on a farm,
Whether you were forgotten by your parents,
Whether you found your true love at twelve,
Whether high school was the best time of your life, or the worst

We all have our stories and with them a sense of truth and, as fiction writers, the limitless possiblities for fiction.

I can honestly say...YA Contemporary Rocks!

Who's with me???


  1. I do need to widen my reading horizons.

  2. I started reading more YA contemporary because I got sick of the dystopian worlds and girls with special abilities who have gorgeous immortals falling for them. Give me a solid John Green or Sara Zarr book any day!

  3. I actually did read contemporary like Go Ask Alice, My Darling My Hamburger, and The Outsiders, to name a few. It wasn't until i was a little older I got into fantasy and now that I'm older still I'm not only back to reading contemporary again (among other things) I'm also writing it :)

  4. Yay!! I'm glad. I think great Contemporary stories can make such an impact and can be fun too. =)


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