Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings

So my muse has been telling me. I need a make-over. The whole shebang. And I agree.

Well, I had a conversation with my son, JayCee age 15. Okay, so I can't do the girl thing with my daughter as she's only three. So, anyway. This is how the convo went...

Me: I need a make-over.

JayCee: Silence

Me: I want to look cool. Do you think I could be cool? (wrong question to ask)

JayCee: Were you cool in high school?

Me: Well, yeah...No, not really.

JayCee: Well then it ain't going to work.

Needless to say, I left it alone after that. 

Moral of the story, as my muse likes to point out to me: Don't be something you're not. Be true to who you are. That and don't ask dumb questions...especially to your kids, or anyone's kids as they happen to be brutally honest.  =)


  1. Hehe I don't think any kids think their parents are cool!But I agree, be true to you. There's only one you!

  2. Gosh, that conversation sounds familiar.

  3. i ask my kids to read samples all the time or look at mock up art...i know i'm not cool in their eyes, even tho i am.

    the not saying it makes you cool =)

    ha ha! ps gave you an award

  4. I love his honesty.

    And I think you're cool. (But I'm probably pretty uncool too, so what do I know?)

  5. Liz, you are already cool. But I understand what you mean. Sometime I feel frumpy. But then I'll get my hair cut or my eyebrows done and that feeling will go away.

  6. That was a perfect Mom-Son conversation. You learned so much! :-)

  7. This is hilarious, Elizabeth. Your son sounds like a guy my sons would relate to! BTW - we like you just the way you are. Take care ~

  8. hahahaha
    I wish I couldn't relate to this ;)

  9. I learned this lesson the hard way.

  10. =) LOL. It's okay to be uncool. I think its in vogue right now.

  11. Ha, good moral! I'm also uncool, and no makeover will ever change that nugget of truth for me either. ;-P


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