Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Round-up

Okay, so my son went to the Midwest Anime 2012 Convention. Below are some pics and, uh, who I think these folks are and my son will correct me. Of course, he knows more than me...but anyway.

Me: Ashtmatic dudes, but they look cool.
Him: He doesn't know. I win!

Me: I know this...Final Fantasy dude. It'll come to me...
Him: Dante from Devil May Cry 3

Me: Scary ass lady
Him: Witch from Left 4 Dead

Me: Ugly lady with limp trying to hide her face, and someone stuck in a door.
Him: Silent Hill

Me: Ooo...I know him. He's the big sword dude with spikey hair from...
Him: Cloud from Final Fantasy

Me: Crazy chick with ax and pink hair.
Him: Yuno from The Future Diary

Me: Ewok on a pike...that's just wrong.
Him: Same.

Me: Sexy cat chick.  My son would take this picture.
Him: Ahri from League of Legends

And there you go...I have no clue about the Anime World.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Anime conventions are really fun to see in photographs, it's amazing how many 'grown-ups' attend but not with their kids.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, the captions were hilarious just because I could only name Cloud from FF XI

  2. Ewok on a stick, nice. Isn't that guy a little short to be a stormtrooper?

    Moody Writing

  3. I love pics like this! We don't have any events like this where I live. ;(

    Happy Weekend!

  4. My kids love going to the Cons and conventions just to look at how the people's costumes look. Love the pics and thanks for sharing them.

  5. That looked like so much fun! I've never been to a convention like that. Yet.

  6. My kids go to ones in the UK. They are an absolute hoot.

  7. Ha, pretty awesome! I only knew the Silent Hill one because of the movie. ;-)

  8. LOL! Great photos! It looks like a fun convention.

  9. Those are some crazy outfits :) Where was the photo of you all dressed up? :)

  10. This was so fun! Love the Ewok on a stick. Well I don't love it, I agree, it's so wrong. LOL.

  11. I love the Final Fantasy series games.

  12. I've been to a few conventions like this, but not for awhile. It's fascinating to see what types of costumes people come up with. The only characters I actually recognize are the storm troopers, Chewy and, sadly, the poor Ewok! Your son took great pictures!

  13. Thanks. I didn't go this year. Maybe next. I wouldn't mind dressing up as something scary. =)

  14. Awesome pictures! I've been to lots of cons but haven't been to an anime one yet.


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