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How I plot?  That is the question.

1. I get an idea. Usually, a character with something happening.

2. I jot down that specific scene that is in my head.

3. I begin to to my self...think some more. What am I thinking you ask?  I ask myself...who is this character? why is she/he in this predicament? what are the events leading to this scene and what are the events that can unfold after...Then I ask where should this scene be placed. I usually work with the three act structure so is this the inciding incident? Midpoint? or is it the event leading up to the OMG moment?  Once I figure out where the scene is placed, I begin to write more.

4. Once I'm stuck...I take out my good ole' pen and notebook and begin writing. I feel writing longhand lets me actually think and go slower than typing away like a madwoman. 

5. If that doesn't dig me out, I begin to write a chapter by chapter outline just highlighting what happens and the purpose of that scene.

6. Then I write some more.

So... My poor first draft crit partners may see something like this...
They entered the recreational facility to find five boys playing with a basketball. One bounced the ball in perfect rhythm and shot it into the hoop about __ feet above his head. The others cheered at him. (describe boy) roach. The other four boys on the bench shocked her and she had to gather her thoughts. Describe them as Tyrell introduced them—see notes.)
I drive them know who you are. =)
How do you plot?


  1. Since I am not a perfectionist who has to make it all right before moving on, I do that too. Bold my questions on places I need additions.

    I've never started doing a chapter by chapter outline though, I usually just write.

    With my current WIP I'm trying to outline more. But for my outline, it's just a little phrase that lets me know what the scene is about. (I have handwritten notes in a notebook with additional ideas.) It's something new for me to try this time.

  2. I think in an ordered fashion so outlining and plotting works for me. But for some of my writing friends they work best when the story flows out of them. So I tell them to do the outline after they've written it to find the plot holes.

  3. It's fun to find out how other writers start the process. I think the way I do it is not too far off from you. I actually just wrote a guest post on the topic that should be posted sometime later in the month.

  4. I usually come up with the idea, write it down, and then create a general outline. Depending on how many ideas are floating around in my head I'll either start writing the novel from that or go into more detail.

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    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  5. Oh my gosh, long hand. I tip my chapeau to you. I don't resort to long hand unless I'm sitting in a faculty meeting and I believe I can get away with plotting my next chapter while people think I'm taking notes on the meeting.

    I almost always type out my notes when I'm plotting. They are always chaotic, and I very rarely follow them.

    I like your parenthetical version of a first draft. Nice!

  6. That look so much like my first draft.


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