Monday, April 9, 2012

Mommy wake up call

I'm back!  Nothing like cyber silence to push you over that edge...mimosa anyone?

One of my goals is to be healthy. I try to eat well, but I’m stagnant for most of the day and there really is no getting around the movement thing. Yes, exercise. Clearly there has to be a better way to keep your health in good order without that, right?


As I was sitting on my behind staring at the wall, my daughter calls me from the basement. “Mommy, I have something to show you!”

So, I pull my arse out of my comfort zone and go down the stairs. I find her (she’s three) at the bottom of the steps holding a red magnet and pointing to my dinosaur that I’ve ignored for the past two years. My treadmill.

Taking my hand in her small one she leads me to the thing and hands me the magnet while she steps on the belt. I hold her hand as I turn the thing on and she walks for five minutes and all the while I’m thinking…it really should be me.

How can I instil health values to my kids if I don’t do it?

How can I keep up with her when she turns five – ten – fifteen(OMG) if I’m the one sitting and she’s the one running?

The answer was staring me in the face for two years. I had to stop ignoring the dinosaur in the room. I had to do it for me, for her.

Needless to say, after she finished her session, she helped mommy get on and held my hand.

What is your dinosaur and where do you find motivation?


  1. I'm trying to cut back on computer time both for me and the kid (he's 4). As a student/translator/blogger it's inevitable that I spend hours on my laptop daily. For him it started with watching cartoons on YouTube here and there. One or two a day, I didn't find to be a problem, but recently he wants more and more. His argument is, mom is on the computer all the time. That's not a lesson I want him to take from me at such a young age.

  2. Like Ivana, I spend too much time on the PC. I've taken to switching it off after a while if I'm not doing anything productive, like writing.

  3. Good for you for being self-aware. I learn many things from my children, but I think if I paid more attention to them I'd learn even more. Good luck with your new health goals!

  4. I'm pretty good about getting on the treadmill, but I've found something that helps. It's my reading time. Granted, you can't run and read, but you can walk fast and read and I'm guaranteed 30-45 minutes of reading time a day.

    A win-win for me.

    Have you tried it?

  5. Give your daughter a hug for me! We all need to follow her example. I sit staring at a screen waaaaaaay too much.

  6. I agree with Suzi. Treadmill time is reading time. Good luck!

  7. i need more treadmill time too.
    we did walk our butts off in chicago for easter weekend tho, great exercise to walk off the great food!

  8. Exercise is mine too. My son is trying to get in shape and I desperately need to as well, so he's taken to taking me and my daughter on a walk around the park.

  9. I actually used to read on the treadmill until one morning, like 5am, my book fell on the belt. I jumped, fell over...and the rest is history. What got me was that no one in the house came down to check if I was okay. They were conked out. After that I nixed the reading. But I used my nook yesterday and it fit nice and securely on the dashboard. I'm up for second chances. =)

    Thanks for your comments.

  10. My dinosaur is also exercise. My writing table now sits where the treadmill used to be - I guess you could say it's now extinct,since I gave it away! (^_^)


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