Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Round-up

Happy Friday!!

Well, this week has been...interesting. Lots of conventions, successes, and releases one could go gaga.  Anyway, here are a few links. Enjoy!

StoryADay in May is open for registration. I have to decide on this one. HERE.

Beyond Character at Writing Forward. Great info on character interactions. Make 'em shine.

Interesting info about Covers. here.

About Your Voice at From Sand to Glass. Also check out his Friday posts. Hilarious! 

Good Writing isn't Good enough anymore. Scott Eagan.

And...because we've all felt it. Thought on Rejection at Operation Awesome.

Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Wish I could do a story a day. I don't think I'll have the time though. Lol

  2. have an interesting space, a great pleasure to read you.
    if you like the poetry I invite you to my space.
    happy day.
    a greeting.

  3. Love the round up :-D Boy IRC and chatrooms haven't hung out in those in awhile.


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