Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday! 

Here are some links to keep you busy. Enjoy!

Key Points to remember when writing your opening at YAtopia.

An Interview with Ammi Joan Paquette over at Miss Snark's First Victim. Here's a blurb...

AUTHORESS: Something tells me you'll find what you're looking for as you continue to lurk over the next few months. *wink*

Your wonderful balance of creating your own stories while expertly championing the stories of others is inspiring. What words of advice and encouragement can you offer, from an agent's as well as a published author's perspective?

JOAN: Write with passion. I think that's my best advice. The world has millions and more stories; what will make yours stand out from the crowd is infusing it with that unforgettable spark that only you can bring. What moves you? What makes you laugh, cry, rage? What are you most afraid of? To write a truly unforgettable book, you have to tap into that deep part of yourself that you are pretty much too afraid to show anyone else. Let it out of the dark for the world to see. That's all--easy, right?

How inspiring is that?  Check out the interview here.

She also has a great post on Reaching the End. Very inspirational. Read it here.

Questions to ask yourself when reading or writing the first five pages of a novel at Adventures in YA & Children's publishing.  

Anything you'd like to add?


  1. Thank you for that post about openings. I have an agent interested in my YA, right now, but she's concerned about the opening being too mild. Heading over to read this post....

  2. I agree with Joan, wholeheartedly. Writing with passion for a subject will tend to be more genuine, more entertaining, and probably more marketable. Thanks for this post, Elizabeth!

  3. Oh, I like that! Thanks as always. :-)


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