Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Worldbuilding

Okay, so I want a theme for my blog. It helps with picking topics. =)

During my search into worldbuilding I found...

A House...Yeah, what up with that?

More housing options. 

A Neighborhood Design. 

An Arena...not a space arena but it sure can be.

Some architectural wonders.  For more check it out here

* Removed Pictures. 


  1. Intriguing perspectives...

    Is that a real neighborhood?

  2. Wow! How would one write about that space arena? I've never been good at new architecture in books. I'm a visual learner.

  3. All these are either real or concept designs. Pretty cool.

  4. Those are wild looking. I like the arena best, I think. :)

  5. Oh, AWESOME! Did any of them inspire your writing? Give you an idea? Match your vision of a world?

  6. Nice!! I just found two cottage house designs and an interior of one.

  7. I like funky architecture. Maybe cause I live in a plain old boring house.

    I've got this great coffee table book (stuffed in a box in my basement cause we have no coffee tables) that shows the aerial view of famous things: monuments, buildings, cities... It's kinda cool--gives you a whole new perspective.

  8. yeah, the arena is definitely cool. Actually, I find architecture in general pretty interesting. In another life I would've loved to gone into architectural design.


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