Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme

Lucky me! I got tagged by Victoria Lindstrom over at Writ of Whimsy

The Lucky 7 Meme Award Rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy the next 7 lines on your blog as they're written. No cheating!
4. Tag 7 other writers to pass this meme on to.

Here's a snippet from one of my WIPs. I have so many. =) 

He slammed the trunk closed, harder then necessary and Carly had to bite back a retort. She already almost died; she didn’t have to repeat the event. She did as she was told, wrapped the towel around her waist and got in the car.

His eyes went to the glove box before he pulled out of the lot.

“So, am I a job for you?” she asked.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “Are you trying to force me to let you off the hook, ‘cause it’s not going to work.”

And...there you go. I hope you enjoyed it.

I'm leaving this one open for anyone who hasn't particpated and wants to. Go ahead and take it and leave your linky in the comments so I can go check it out.


  1. any snippet you chose would have had tension in it! awesome!

  2. Oh wow. What's the book about? Is it a crime thriller?

  3. Okay, you totally hooked my interest! Now I'm wondering what in the world is going on and what's going to happen next. :)

  4. Thanks! Yes, it's a YA Thriller.

  5. Yes, this sounds like one I could get my teeth into :-)

  6. I want to read more of this! Great snippet :)


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