Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Moon Hill Blog Tour: The Sounds of Screams

Welcome Anthony!  If you haven't checked out Anthony's madness, he can be found lurking around his website here.  You can also join his Schizo Squad

Anthony J. Rapino resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania, somewhere between the concrete of the city and the trees of the forest.  On occasion, you’ll find him moderating the feverish battles between the creatures of these two arenas.  Whose side he’s on is anyone’s guess.
His first novel, Soundtrack to the End of the World, will be available from Bad Moon Books in early 2012.  
Without further...ahem, here's Tony!

First and foremost, all thanks and praise to E. for letting me stop by today.

I like music. (And BAM, we’re off and running!)

I need musical accompaniment to almost everything I do, save those few tasks that don’t allow it (like brain surgery and checkers).  When I cook, the first thing I do is set up the computer’s music player to produce a solid wall of sound between myself and the stove.  I listen to Tool while making stews, Ben Harper for Mexican, Bitter Ruin for pasta.  Each meal is a soundtrack that plays over my tongue like naughty salsa dancers. 

I won’t even attempt chores without music playing, and you can forget yard work if my MP3 player isn’t on hand.  I need that escape to keep from thinking too deeply about how many animals pissed in the pile of leaves I’m elbow deep in. 

Similarly, I require a constant pulse of music while I write.  Like my meals, each story has its own soundtrack: a collection of songs that both inspire and inform the fictional world I create.  If my food’s soundtrack is like a naughty salsa dancer, then my fiction’s soundtrack is like a bot fly larvae burrowing deep into my brain.  It munches away on all the good bits, leaving me drooling, cross eyed, and typing up some of the strangest shit you’ve ever read. 

When I’m writing, the right song will plop me down on a mostly abandoned hiking trail that leads to a place called Moon Hill.  There, I can scribble, scribble, scribble until I end up with a flower growing from a rotted deer carcass, or a mystery container called “the forever box.”

And yet, I’ve spoken with other writers who can’t write while music plays.  I can understand.  Sometimes, if it’s not the right fit, the music can become distracting.  I’ll find myself singing along to some earwig of a song instead of writing, and that’s never fun.  Time to hit “next” on the old playlist.

I’ll bet if you listen closely while reading Welcome to Moon Hill, you can even hear what I was listening to when I wrote it.

My soundtrack to insanity.

Moon Hill is a forgotten place that few purposely visit, and even less leave. Once you arrive, the deep dark of the forest creeps into your mind and will not relent. Strange flowers that grow from deer carcasses, murderous lunatics, talking ravens, wriggling parasites that induce eruptive confessions, and demons of every variety: they all live here too.

Even so, the residents of Moon Hill can feel, beyond the fear and distress, that this land is special and they are lucky to live here. Most everyone feels that way right up until the day they come a little too close to the magic of this place. When dusk's light leaks through their carefully locked doors and rips holes in their minds.

Then, they pray for release.

--Welcome to Moon Hill.


  1. Thanks, Liz (see, I remembered!) I am off to work, but will be back a little later to answer comments and post on my blog. :-)

  2. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who gets too distracted by the music, especially if it's danceable!

    Love the blurb about your book (I like stories where magic seeps into reality) and the cover is gorgeous :)

  3. Nice to meet you, Tony! I like soft background music while I write, but nothing too distracting. Moon Hill sounds like a very pleasant place to scribble in a notebook. : )

  4. Mshatch, thanks! Yeah, i know a lot of people that can't write with music playing. Try something with no lyrics, some jazz or even classical.

    Emily, it is, until some wicked creature sneaks up behind me.

  5. ah! scary!
    how can i read a book i have to cover my eyes through!
    and music is everything!
    the only time i dont listen is when i'm editing, full concentration. i cant sing and write and i have to sing!
    great guest post =)

  6. Thank you, Tara! Oh, I'm in total agreement. editing is the one time I need silence.

  7. Great post, Tony. I need music too when I write, and preferably without lyrics -- unless it's Arcade Fire, of course.

  8. Thanks, Milo. Yeah, a lot of the time I have to go with music without lyrics too. I had a couple video game soundtracks that worked pretty well (God of war).

  9. What an imaginative place, this Moon Hill. :)

    I love having music to write to, so long as it doesn't distract me into doing nothing but listen!

  10. I could write with music depending on the music. It does have to be something light.

  11. Lydia, thanks! Yeah, finding the right music at the right time seems to be the most important thing for me. Otherwise I'm singing into a hairbrush. ;-)

  12. Moon Hill sounds interesting! I'd love to be able to write to music, but there's already enough noise in my brain!

  13. Thank you, Talli! Ha, yeah...I have lots of excess brain noise too. :-P


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