Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Maria Paradox and a contest!

I first read THE MARIA PARADOX last year. Being Latina and working with the Latino Community this book help me put things in perspective. Not only for me, but for the other countless women I've worked with. When Agent Meredith Barnes started promoting the book I was like...whoa! How awesome is that?  And yes, she has some prizes for helping in spreading the word. Check out her blog for more info.
THE MARIA PARADOX, written by Drs. Rosa Gil and Carmen Vazquez, is a unique self-help guide for Hispanic women and the men who love them.
The authors challenge the machismo-reinforcing idea of “marianismo,” a centuries-old belief system that in effect tells Latinas: "Don't forget a woman's subservient place; never put your own needs first; sex is for making babies.”

Filled with self-help exercises, this clearly written manual offers practical advice on how to build support networks, overcome passivity, forge career paths, change or get out of abusive relationships and increase sexual fulfillment.
Filled with real-life success stories and wise, compassionate advice, THE MARIA PARADOX details how Latinas can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The book can be purchased from all major online retailers. The authors can also be found on Twitter and on Facebook.

Why is this book so relelvent today, especially in the U.S?  Watch the video below.



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