Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When it's a good time to unplug

Here are some tips when you just know you have to unplug.
  • You hear a buzzing in your head, or the humming of the computer when it's off.
  • You take everything in the "literal" sense.
  • Your eyes begin to see four instead of two...I mean, one.
  • You see images(pertaining to an idea, a scene, your manuscript) when you shut your eyes, even in sleep and you can't will them to stop.
  • You  are referring to your significant others as characters in your book
  • You are talking to yourself...and answering in public.
When do you know it's time to unplug?


  1. I started to go unplugged last week while working on my first draft. I had to. I kept checking my inbox. But not to see if an agent was getting back to me. I was checking if my friends had emailed me. And then of course I would then have to responds. I was writing a lot, just not on my first draft.

    So I went unplugged. But when I say unplugged, I mean I go into the basement and unplug the internet there. That means I have to walk down two flights in order to turn it back on. ;)

    It's working. Now I'm getting in 2 K a day on my ms, which is 1000 more words than I would have written if I didn't go unplugged.

  2. Wait, you mean talking and answering yourself in public is a BAD thing?

  3. I talk to myself all the time. Is it bad that I answer silently?

  4. When I'm doing something because I fell I ought to rather than I need/want to.

  5. Stina, that's a great idea. Totally unplug.

    Sarah, LOL. I talk to myself all the time. It's embarassing sometimes.

    Emily, LOL.

    Martin, good point. It's no fun and writing should be fun.

  6. Huh... I do a few of those things all the time. ;)

  7. Hahaha yeah all of the above. Also, when there's way too much noise in my head. :-)


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