Monday, January 30, 2012

My muse

When I came out of the closet and announced to my family that I was pursuing my dream of becoming a published author, I was received with enthusiasm from my sisters, which turned to quiet indifference. My husband and kids were skeptical at best. It was this constant reminder that while I was sitting behind the computer for a few hours a day, they were actually living. This turned to indifference when I refused to fold and continued on my writing journey.

This was when I realized I had to bring back my muse from my teen years, when sitting behind the typewriter and creating stories were for my benefit and not for anyone else. 

I needed someone to inspire me when I no longer had the emotional energy to continue. I needed someone who drowned out all the negativity around me and tell me what I need to hear.

A muse can be anyone: fictional, real, or fictional-real (someone you admire but have never met). A muse can be more than one person and change depending on your need.

My muse, since I was a teenager, has been Stephen King, though I would never want to meet him. I want to continue to “know” him the way I “know” him in my mind.

My muse tells me…
If you’ve drawn someone into your creation and made them hope, fear, love, laugh, cry, you’ve done your job.
It starts with words. They have the power to open realms.
It's okay to ask for help...Beta Readers and Crit Partners are a great resource. 
You give up and I’m sending you a vampire, a clown, a gunslinger, a plague…

What does your muse tell you?


  1. Hmm... right now mine spends its time telling me to get my ass in a chair and my fingers on the keyboard!

  2. Mine tends to yell at me to write. Lol Stephen King is great! Have a good week.

  3. Sorry to hear about your less than supportive family. However, I wouldn't consider them to be "living" while you're behind a computer all day. This IS living! It's a writer's idea of living. :) Stay positive and keep focused and you'll get there one day.

    My muse tells me that it'll all be worth it in the end. That's why I haven't given up yet :)

  4. Love the post! Sometimes I see myself as the cartoon character with the devil on one side and an angel on the other. Unfortunately, the negative voice is many times in my own head. My muse must be an angel - she's very encouraging...something I need!

  5. my muse is a bad influence on me, making me shirk my housework to write. ah, well. at least he's busy inspiring ideas!

  6. It's wonderful that your family is supportive. I don't have one single person who is my muse, several writers and people are. The blogosphere has even become a muse!

  7. When she shows up she's terrible, er, I mean demanding and very bossy. She sits me down and won't let me get up from my desk until I've written something decent. Decent by her standards. Whew! It's hard to please her sometimes.

  8. Oh, I adore your Muse! What great advice!

    My muse has dragons on her mind...

  9. LOL. You all have great ones. =)

  10. Threats always work with me and my muse.

  11. My muse likes to kidnap my mind and not allow me to think about anything else unless I write.

  12. Don't listen, keep writing and chasing your dream! Then you can say "I told you so" when you get your book deal ;)

  13. Threats...check
    held hostage...check
    I told you in your face...double check. LOL. Thanks!

  14. Mine tells me to sit my butt down and work, lol. It also whispers encouragement when I need it.

    Keep going, even when the muse is silent! We can all achieve these dreams if we work together, right?


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