Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Musical/Rhythmical Learner

My fifteen year old son is NORMAL. Okay, as normal as a fifteen year old boy can be.
I am very strict when it comes to my kids’ education. No XBOX on the weekdays. I was involved in my older son’s Local School Council in which he swore I was so going to ruin his life because I made sure the Principal of the 3,000 plus students in his high school and most of the disciplinarians knew who I was and knew he was my son.

I. Do. Not. Play.

So, back to my fifteen year old. He ALWAYS has his iPod on while doing his homework. Okay, so I have three other kids and my house is never quiet, but I would always tell him to take ‘em off and concentrate on his school work. On a side note he is in on the Honor Roll, but you know, I can’t let him slack, right?

I learned that there is such a thing as “The Musical/Rhythmical Learner.” Yup, a category he falls nicely under. Don’t categories make life so much simple? Yeah, only if they‘re positive.

Anyway…again, listening to music while he’s doing homework is not a bad thing. What he listens to? Well, that is totally subjective. Here’s a taste…


  1. There is definitely a benefit when it comes to studying and listening to music. The songs you posted fall somewhere in the electro house genre. When I was in college it seemed like I did better on tests if I listened to that type of music when studying and right before the test. Sounds crazy but it worked.

  2. Now my daughters are in the fifth year (I think that would be high school junior?) they are allowed to listen to music in some of their classes. I'll hold off complaining as long as their grades don't slip :-)

  3. My daughter does the same thing. It is normal, I think. Lol

  4. They did experiments with this years ago and as long as you like the music it works wonders.

    Doesn't work for me as I get easily dsitracted.

  5. My stepdaughter is the same way~ claims she can't study without music or tv in the background. I tell her in a joking voice, "Newsflash--when you get a real job, chances are they aren't going to let you blare trance music and watch TV in order to let you get your work done." She doesn't find that amusing.

  6. I've never heard of that. Interesting. I know a lot of people who need music to write or study.

  7. Martin, some music distracts me. His music distracts me. =)
    Jess, good point. Hopefully he'll get hired before they figure it out.
    Christine, I didn't think there was a label for it. =) I guess nowadays anything can fit into a label.

  8. I like to listen to music while I read, too. When I work out on the stairmachine, I read, listen to my MP3 player, and watch TV. All the distractions help me forget how much my butt aches. : )

  9. Haha I love the song Cinema! I listen to it too. :)


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