Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Round-up

Happy Friday!

First, I'd like to thank Anthony Rapino for a wonderful surprise box I won through his blog. If you haven't checked out Anthony's website, I'd highly recommend a looksee. Tony filled this wonderful box with reading materials, DVD's, candy, and even a book for my daughter. Aw...she loved the animal book and carries it with her. Um, I'm sure that was meant for her.  Thanks!

I'd also like to thank DRC over at WTF: Writing Thrilling Fiction, for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award!
The Rules: list seven random things about myself and then award seven (ish)others. 

So, seven random things about myself.

1. I went skiing once when I was about sixteen. Couldn't get a grip on the rope that pulls you up the slope so ended up in the bunny hills. Yeah, embarrassing moment. 
2. I am terrified to drive in the snow. No, really, terrified. 
3. I went sledding once. It was actually on a hill on the side of the expressway so if you went too fast and couldn't stop you'd get run over by a car, or even better, a semi. Added to the adrenaline rush...go figure.
4. I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger but couldn't stand the smell of hospitals, or the sight of blood.
5. When I was younger my aunt convinced me that there was a little man in the mailbox and you had to drop your letter and yell "air mail" in there so he'd know he had to fly. After I, um, started feeding the mailbox man she came clean and told me she lied.  So...if (way back when) you got a letter in the mail stained with red sauce and spaghetti, wasn't my fault.
6. I tend to hide with the dog during the fourth of July. Can't stand fireworks.
7. I have a pressing desire to shave my head bald just to see the shape of my head before I die. Therapy anyone?

Okay...So here I share this wonderful versatile blogger award to these sites with some awesome posts!

Anthony Rapino Great voice.
Anita's Edge For great inspiration and for being an awesome CP
Rach Writes is starting her Fourth Campaign beginning Feb. 6th. Hop on over and check it out.
Breaking Fantasy has some great insight on personification
Shallee McArthur on how to spice up boring scenes
Seeing Creative...action scenes
and Falling Leaflets. There's always great info on her blog.

And there you go...Have a great weekend!


  1. Hee hee...snow. I'm okay driving in the snow but I can't walk in it. I'm one of these people that if there's only one patch of ice I'll find it and slip. I always do. When it's snowy or icey my body automatically stiffens and I end up waddling down the street like a robot. It's a rather humorous And because I don't like hills, going skiing is my worst nightmare...

    Congrats on the award and all those who have received it :)

  2. All these topics about snow and I've never even been in snow! Good ol' Texas weather. That's hilarious about the mail box!

  3. wow, you're a fraidy cat. thats ok, i am too =)
    i did bunny slopes and thot i could handle a big one. had to hitch a ride 1/2 way down. skiing is a gradual sport...

  4. Hey, I'm so glad your enjoyed the prize, and that your daughter likes the book! And thanks for the mention and award. When I read "Great voice," I started to sing. La la la la! ;-)

  5. DRC, I slipped once right on my butt then acted like nothing happened. =)
    Cheyanne, you are lucky.
    Tara, you're right. it is a gradual sport.
    Tony, you sound fine...on paper. =)

  6. Hahaha those are some great facts. I also wonder about the shape of my head, but I haven't contemplated shaving it yet. After all, my hair has never been shorter than shoulder-length.


  7. As a balding man I don't have to wonder. I can see the shape of my head every time I look in the mirror. Not that I'm looking every day.

  8. Oh my goodness~ your number 5 is the CUTEST THING EVER. It sounds straight out of a kids' book :) And I've had the urge to shave my head before I die, too (probably after seeing G.I. Jane). Thanks so much for the award!


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