Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Round-up

Happy Friday!

What a week. I've been sick, inching along at a dead end job, and....I sent out a million queries because of the first two things I mentioned, which I would not suggest anyone do. Here's a hilarious post at Chip MacGregor illustrating my point why you should not query while pissed off at work or sick. =)  He also has a great series on strategic planning. Enjoy!

Art and blurb taken from studioporto 

The Feast of the Three Kings also known as the Epiphany takes place every year on January 6th. It is an intricate part of Puerto Rican folklore. Traditionally, this day is very important, especially for children, for it is on this eve that they will receive their gifts. On the feast of the Epiphany, the Three kings visited the newly born Christ Child in Bethlehem bearing him gifts. This tradition is repeated and reflected in present day with the belief that on this eve the 3 Kings will visit every good child to deliver them gifts. Tradition states that on the Eve of the Epiphany children collect hay, straw or grass and place it in boxes or containers under their beds. This gesture is a gift of food for the Kings' Horses while they rest in between deliveries. Note:(we have no Camels in PR). If a child is good for the past year he will receive candies, sweets or toys. If the child was misbehaved or naughty he would instead find a lump of dirt or charcoal in his box. This tradition is much older than that of Santa's visit on Christmas Eve.

Just some Random info. In most countries Celebrations last way past the 25th. But using the words of my son's friend as he calls for help..."If I hear one more Christmas song I'm going to blow a cap in my face."  For some awful reason this cracked me up. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, my. I'm so going to have to read that post! So sorry to hear you're sick. I've been ill, too, going on my second week now. Ready to be done with it! All the mucus is clogging my writing brain. lol

    Get some rest and have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear you're sick! :( I hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful relaxing weekend! :)

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I've had a sick toddler and husband this week. I just hope my health holds up!

  4. Boo. I'm sick too, no fun. While querying may be a bad idea when under the weather I'd like to add that finishing a novel is also not a good idea when you are sick. Get well soon!

  5. Hope you feel better, and good luck with the queries! Thanks so much for that info about Epiphany~ very interesting!

  6. Get well, and thanks for the story! I was not aware of the Epiphany until now. I love learning stuff! :)

  7. ayayay!
    you poor thing!
    hope sending them at least made you feel better!

    suggestion, write a scene of what happens at work, might crack yourself up =)

  8. Thanks David,

    Tara, that's a great idea. I would love to write a work story. Revenge is sweet. =)


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