Monday, November 28, 2011

Leadership...everyone's responsibility

Last week I attended a leadership summit.  I'll be posting bits of information I've learned along the way.

Imagine a world full of leaders. Okay, imagine a world full of good, knowledgeable, model leaders.   
Better? I hope so.

We are all leaders in our own way.  Whether it involves the micro (family) or macro (community at-large), we can exemplify great leadership skills.
  • Great leaders don't repeat the same mistakes others have. They learn from the past and aren't afraid of change.
  • Great leaders work to better the whole, not themselves.
  • Great leaders are generous.
  • Great leaders are great models. Do what you say.
  • Great leaders advocate for public values (justice, equity).
  • Great leaders work for a common good.
  • Great leaders surround themselves with diversity.
  • Great leaders know the value of "thank you" and offer it openly.

What are traits you look for in great leaders?


  1. As a teacher, I find that good leaders inspire everyone around them to do better. In a recent project involving groups, the very best student leader helped everyone in her group succeed -- even the ones who would normally have failed for lack of motivation or effort.

    And I told her parents so when I met them at conference night. They beamed with pride.

  2. I agree with Dianne. The people that inspire me to follow are the ones that acknowledge their success is a result of the team effort.

  3. For me, I look for leaders who take responsibility for their own lives. As a leader, it's always nice to be able to rely on others, but I think it's far more important for me to be the reliable one and refusing to assume that others owe me.

  4. Wonderful list. I agree that leaders need to inspire and take responsibility. They're also know when to ask for help in something and aren't afraid or ashamed to do so. No one person can do everything themselves.

  5. I guess I've never felt like much of a leader because I'm "scared of" crowds, but I am a wife and mother of (almost) three and I'm definitely in charge at home ;). Plus, I am a teacher and I think modeling is one of the most important parts of being a leader in the classroom. I like the addition of "delegator" and realizing that a leader is someone who doesn't do it all themselves. Group effort. Leader vs. Good Leader was an important distinction! christy

  6. I can forgive a whole lot if those great leaders show honesty first of all. And they need to follow through with their promises. :)

  7. too bad great leaders are few and far between.
    we could use one!

  8. Can you email that list to every politician and banker. The world would be in a much better state if they followed that advice. (So would my life)

  9. In my opinion, great leaders do not only lead, but support, inspire, and listen. They open the eyes of others to greater things, and allow people to be able to think for themselves. A great leader is someone that we know we can trust, someone we believe and will be the one with the candles to light our way through the dark.

  10. If only all our (political)leaders were like that. It seems that there are more true leaders in the private sector. I wonder why?

  11. I like leaders that aren't lazy, and lead by example.

  12. Great leaders inspire others to become leaders, even if it means others will surpass them in their abilities.

  13. Such an awesome list of leadership traits. Thanks for your comments.


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