Monday, October 3, 2011

A moment in the life of a teen

True story after I begged for a little piece of mundane info on teen talk from one of my kids. I probably deserved this…

The cafeteria is crowded. Students cluster around their respective cliques and a swell of conversation vibrates through the cafeteria, a mumbo jumbo of slewed comments that makes little sense except probably to the receiver, though even that is questionable.

I make my way towards a couple of friends off to the side, sitting in a small booth.

“Hey,” I say and slide next to Tamara, a girl my age who smiles at me.

“What’s up?” she says, lifting her chin to Max sitting across from her. I drop my lunch on the table: the same pizza imitation they always serve. Max turns a pale green, eyeing the pizza.

“What’s up with you?” I ask Max.

“He doesn’t feel like eating,” Tamara answers for him.

He lifts his eyes to meet mine. “Afternoon shitter,” he says and shrugs.

“Yeah, I’m a morning shitter. Can’t do breakfast,” I say, taking a bite out of my pizza.

“Sucks to be you,” Tamara chimes in. “I’m an evening shitter, so I’m good.”

I crack up every time I think of this. What mundane truth comes to your mind? Like to share?


  1. I guess I'm old, cause that's just gross :-)

  2. Since I'm not two years out of high school, I can SO picture that conversation, and have had similar ones. Too funny!

  3. Would you believe I still remember hearing my guy friends talk about this over lunch? Too funny!

  4. This sound like something from a sitcom. :D

  5. I still know people who have these conversations.

  6. LOL. you couldn't write this in fiction. It's too unbelievable.

  7. Ha! We're all so different, and this shows just how much. Too funny.

  8. I use to work in an all male office. This conversation is all too familiar. LOL


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