Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Round-up...interrupted

I've decided to break from Friday round-up today to enter another blogfest. I couldn't pass this up.

Brenda Drake is having a Can you leave us breathless Blogfest/Contest. Check it out.  Here are the deets...

On October 21 post an excerpt from your novel or other writings to your blog. If you want, you can write something new for the contest. Only one entry per participant. It can be up to 300 words (if the allotted word count falls in the middle of a sentence than go to the end). It can be scary. It could be a romance. A thrill ride. A twist. It can be any genre. All you have to do is make us gasp. You can end with a cliff hanger. You can get gory. Whatever. Just leave us breathless.
From October 21-23 hop to the other participants' blogs and comment. A team of secret judges will be hopping along too, choosing their favorites. On October 24th the semi-finalists will be announced on my blog and you all can vote for your favorites.

Yes, there are prizes and treats you could nab . . .

Sounds awesome, right?

Below is a scene from my work in progress. It may be a bit disturbing. I hope.

Set up: She's fallen down a deep, dark hole. And she isn't alone.


Angel heard a low vibrating hum to her left and the twitch of what could only be bugs creeping out to see the freak show. The low breathing continued. She stumbled back, the smell of rotted wood and moss forcing her to gag. She wasn’t sure if it was the natural scent of the hole or whatever was in there with her. 

Her neck tingled as if something had fallen on it and was now making it way under her tank top. She brushed at her hair, her neck…nothing. “Calm down,” she whispered to herself. She fought to ignore the overwhelming feeling that bugs were crawling all over her, to fight the urge to swat at her clothes, to claw at her skin.

Something shifted. “Who’s there?” she finally whispered, her voice shaking. She pressed herself against the opposite wall, trying desperately to see in the darkness until finally a pale green light broke through every crevice. A dark figure sat just inches in front of her, his legs crossed in front of him, the torso unnaturally extended so that his head was the same level as hers as she stood trying desperately to hold on to her sanity.

His eyes were two radiant white disks against the blackness of his skin, his jaw hanging almost to his chest revealing only a hollow pit and a deafening scream. A deep hollow scream, a high pitched scream, a child’s scream of different intonations as if inside he held a mass of screaming people. Angel fell into a crouch, covering her ears and shutting her eyes, feeling the energy inside the small cavity of earth about to burst. Worms, beetles and even a garden snake crawled out of their burrow in frenzy as if unsure where they could hide from the hideous sound of a thousand screams.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


  1. Why yes, yes it is. Very disturbing.
    Well done :-)

  2. Ewww, bugs ;) Great for this close to Halloween. I love the description of this "thing" in the hole with her.

  3. Nicely done. Although, I could've done without the worms. LOL

  4. Ewwww! That is creepy! My own skin is crawling now.

  5. Yup, you accomplished disturbing. :) The idea of a mass of people inside screaming is fantastic.

  6. Interesting and emotionally tight. Well done. There are a few minor spellos you might want to check (rotten wood, its way under).

  7. Thank you for participating in Can You Leave Us Breathless? Blogfest Contest. Your entry has been judged.

    Good luck!

    The Judges
    (Connie, Joannine, Marissa, and Brenda)

  8. Thanks for all the links and wow, disturbing is a good word! You win the contest for the most creepy/Halloweeny blog I've seen so far! Well done.


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