Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating a mood

I love visuals. There's something about capturing a still moment in time that inspires me.  Here are some photos that help me create a mood.  Images removed.

Dragons and Castles are my favorites. 

What's not to like about a graveyard among the long grass.  Or what else can be hiding there?

Demons...Yeah, enter here at your own risk. 

Words of wisdom...if you see a demon, a witch, an angel with attitude... a shorty with a gun, axe, machete, ski mask, or hockey Don't go looking in the long grass, in the tower, or in the shadows. Just run.  Or give them some candy and send them on their way.

How do you create a write?


  1. A bit of peace and quiet is enough for me. A bit of a rarity though :-)

    That last picture is fantastic.

  2. The mood usually stricks after I get some research in.

  3. i was hoping you'd give us an example for one of those ominous scenes. i struggle with creating a mood (other than slapstick) !

  4. Pictures sure help, so does music...or your son keeping his mouth shut for than five seconds.

  5. Yay for castles and dragons. That first picture is amazing! I use music for inspiration, and then I see posts like this and remember I can browse pictures too.

    Do you have a favorite website to browse?

  6. I love the pictures. They don't necessarily inspire me to write but they do help with writing scenery. :)

  7. It's wise to know when to run! Great pictures. Sometimes watching a certain movie or reading a good book helps get me in the mood. Otherwise, I just need to be in a quiet place with my computer and my imagination provides the mood.

  8. That second picture is amazing! I need to find some pictures to inspire my writing like you did. :)

  9. I also love visuals. I write and make sure everyone sees it! Beautiful blog. New follower!

  10. I'm glad you like the pics.

    Charity, I follow coolvibe. I think I got that link from you. =) I also follow Elfwood. They have some nice pics.

    I usually just do a search for the type of pic I'm looking for and browse until I find a few that inspires.

    Thanks for your comments.

  11. Photos work!! Especially these...that second one totally resembles a scene I wrote for my current YA. Awesome!

    I also let nature take me...

  12. Love that first picture! I also love that you mention Stephen King's It in your profile - it was the first book of his I read and the story swept me away for days.

    I'd love to say that I light a candle, dim the lights, waft incense or collect moonlit dew to create a writing mood, but in reality I just sit there and hope that something happens!

  13. Sheri, I'm glad you like the pic.

    Jayne, I wish I could create that ambiance. My daughter sings happy birthday every time she sees a candle and blows 'em out. Sitting and waiting oftentimes works for me too.


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