Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Benefits of writing

The whole publishing business is so...not what I expected. When I first started this venture I thought the hard part was writing "the end" and meaning it.  Reality check. Yeah, a thump upside the head for me. Not the first one, not the last.

But guess what?  I still write. I started writing way before the thought of letting other people read my work came to mind. And I'll still write until my will dictates.

Writing has been my life preserver. Here are some benefits of writing.

Writing about worries eases anxiety and improves test performance  for full article click here.  Maybe I can try this before heading out to a conference. =)

How Writing Benefits students.. here.

And...I found such an awesome website...The Happy Writer. Yup, I had to do a double take.  And check out their Happy Writer Secret #1.

Why do you write?


  1. I'm not surprised at all! Several years back, I was having issues with anxiety attacks. I saw a doctor who tried to prescribe all kinds of meds, most of which I didn't try. But around that time I took up writing again, which I had let go for several years. It didn't take long for me to realize that when I was actively involved in a writing project, the random anxiety attacks went away.

    Of course, further down the road, I discovered the anxiety of querying, submitting, and reading a Kirkus review ... but that's a different kind of thing entirely!

  2. I've done something this year that I've never done before. I started journal writing. I love it. I thought I would never have the time with blogging and writing and stuff but I make time and it keeps me sane.

  3. This doesn't surprise me either. Writing is therapeutic. It's been a long time friend and joy in my life. I can't ever imagine not writing even if I would never get published.

  4. I write because I love writing. Sure I would love to be published one day (except that sounds pretty scary too), but it's my love of characters and stories that's the real motivation for my writing. I couldn't imagine life without them. :D

  5. Dianne, thanks for sharing. And your are right about anxiety at the publishing level...though that may be a defense mechanism which is a good thing. =)

    Clarrissa, I have so many journals laying around. I usually pick 'em up when I'm pissed. I have to remember that happy thoughts can also be written on paper.

    Christine and Stina, I agree. Writing for the joy of it does help.

    Thanks for your comments.

  6. LOVE that Happy Writer tip #1! I need to post that somewhere when I'm drafting. :)

    I write because I love to tell stories and create characters that seem almost real to me, and some day I hope to share those stories with other.

  7. I write because there's nothing else I'd rather do :-)

  8. I write because I love spinning all the stories that pop into my head. And writing is my 'away'.

  9. I think we all went through that reality check. And writing does have huge benefits. For me it helps put my life into perspective. I find that writing is the best stress reliever ever. It brings me pleasure to watch the world in my head take shape. :)

  10. We were obviously thinking the same thoughts this week. Since you commented on my "Why?" I'll comment on yours.
    I write to fill a need in me that nothing else fills. I've tried to fill it with other activities and learning, but only writing satisfies that hunger. I write for selfish reasons. My audience is a close second. I'm first. I have to be.


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