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Don't Forget WriteOnCon with live events you don't want to miss!
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WriteOn Con Live Chat Information


Quick Reference 

  (all times Eastern)
  Tuesday, August 16, 2011:
  12:00 PM: On Platform, a live chat with literary agent Sara Megibow

  3:00 PM: Live Q&A chat with literary agent Suzie Townsend

  9:00 PM: Panel of Professionals (Michelle Andelman, Emily Meehan, Annette
  Pollert, Jim McCarthy)

  Wednesday, August 17, 2011:
  1:00 PM: Live event with author Sarah Rees Brennan

  3:00 PM: Live Q&A with literary agent Jenny Bent

  5:00 PM:  Live YA Q&A chat with Holly Root and Barbara Poelle

  9:00 PM: Panel of Professionals (Kate Testerman, Martha Mihalick, Joanna
  Volpe, Jen Rofe, Diana Fox)

  Thursday, August 18, 2011
  12:00 PM: Live chat with literary agents Marietta Zacker, Joan Paquette, and
  Michael Bourret

  3:00 PM: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing Live Chat with literary agent Sara

  9:00 PM: Panel of Professionals (Natalie Fischer, Anica Rissi, Kathleen

  10:30 PM: AB Lit Chat (Jen Rofe, Kelly Sonnack, Jennifer Laughran, Caryn

How to Get the Most Out of the Live Chats:

  1. About 30 minutes before a scheduled live event, a window will be posted
  in a blog post on the main WriteOnCon site.

  2. You can log in, but it’s not required to participate or ask a question.

  3. Each of the live chats has an assigned topic, and one of the WriteOnCon
  girls will be moderating.

  4. Questions can be submitted any time once the live chat window opens.

  5. Questions need to be asked ONLY ONCE. You won’t see your comment come
  through, but on our end, the comments are visible and we have people
  behind-the-scenes putting them on hold.

  6. The moderator of the chat will put through as many questions as possible
  for the WriteOnCon faculty member(s) to answer. We really try to put forth
  the questions as fast as possible, from as many of you as possible.

  7. Pitching/Querying is not appropriate for live chats.

  8. If you cannot attend one of the live events, a transcript will be
  available afterward, in the same blog post as the live window.

Live Forum Event, Submission Guides

Yesterday, we sent an email with all the information you needed for the live
forum events. [5]Click here if you  missed it.

  Each forum event has a special thread for submissions that will open 24
  HOURS IN ADVANCE of the live event, as follows.

  1. To submit a question for author Emma Walton Hamilton, or your Picture
  Book query for her review, [6]GO HERE. Thread opens at 11 AM TODAY, Monday,
  August 15.


  2. To submit a question for literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer, [7]GO HERE.
  Thread opens at 8 PM TODAY, Monday, August 15.

  3. To submit a "Twitter pitch" (pitch in 140 charcters or less) + the 100
  words of your MS for critique by literary agents Carlie Webber and Christina
  Hogrebe, [8]GO HERE. Thread opens on Tuesday, August 16 at 11:00 AM.


  4. To submit a 250-word pitch for critique by literary agent Alyssa
  Eisner-Henkin, [9]GO HERE. Thread opens Wednesday, August 17 at 10:00 AM.

  5. To submit a YA Query Letter for critique by literary agent Roseanne
  Wells, [10]GO HERE. Thread opens Wednesday, August 17 at 5:00 PM.

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  2. I wish I had time for this, but alas, it's crunch time for me.


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