Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Success...and a monster

I officially finished the first draft of my WIP, a YA supernatural horror.  Woohoo!

As I let it simmer for a little bit I'm jumping back into my other WIP (The Animate). The one I abandoned for a little bit. The one at 43,000 words seemed to stagnate. Well, I will not give up nor surrender this one just yet.

Okay, with all that said.  You're probably thinking...where's the monster.  Here is the first look at the creatures and characters inspiring The Animate.

We begin with The Tokoloshe

In Zulu mythology, Tikoloshe, Tokoloshe or Hili (from the Xhosa word utyreeci ukujamaal) is a dwarf-like water sprite. They are considered a mischievous and evil spirit. Another explanation is that the Tokoloshe resembles a zombie, poltergeist, or gremlin, created by South African shamans who have been offended by someone. The tokoloshe may also wander, causing mischief wherever it goes, particularly to schoolchildren. Other details include its gremlin-like appearance and gouged out eyes. (Wikipedia)

What creatures/monsters, if applicable, has inspired your work?


  1. congrats on finishing WIP! i'm at a similar place and mine is simmering as well while in the hands of an editor of sorts. exciting times. write on!

  2. Congrats on finishing that first draft. It's one of the greatest highs for a writer, isn't it? Finishing the edits doesn't feel quite the same, because there's always that niggly feeling you might still have more to do. But typing "the end" on the first draft--that's final.

    Love your little monsters. Fun and different from the usual.

  3. Thanks everyone! Yeah, I love first drafts. Now comes the real work.


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