Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Networking and leadership

I'm in a leadership training this week!  Today was the first day and I learned a lot and we haven't even touched on specific leadership skills yet. We've talked about who we are as individuals and what we bring to the table. It was great to talk and learn about my culture, sense of self, and the qualities of a good leader.

This reflection has heightened my awareness of the type of person I want to be and how that impacts others around me.  Because no matter how old or young you are...we are in constant motion and development of our sense of self. 

And that is just awesome!

On a side note...

Rach Writes is having a Writers' Platform-Building Campaign. She'll be closing the List of Campaigners on August 31st!

PhotobucketCheck it out. Sounds like it's going to be fun.


  1. Platform Building Campaign is awesome!!

    thanks for sharing!! Luck with your leadership training!!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  2. Good luck with your leadership training. It sounds like an awesome way to start. I'm excited about the Campaign too!

  3. Hi! I'm a campaigner, here to say hello :) Nice to meet ya!

  4. I'm in your campaigning group. Just stopping by to say Hi :)

  5. Hi fellow campaigners. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Christine, I'll be posting some of what I learned in the training. It's been a great experience.

  6. Fellow campaigner and new follower here! Happy to meet you! :)

  7. Hello fellow campaigner! I look forward to platforming with you. :)

  8. Hello there from a fellow campaigner! Looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you :-)


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