Monday, July 11, 2011

Writing tidbits

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Questions to ask for a stronger manuscript by Donald Maass

  1. What does a side kick or secondary character see about your MC that your MC denies? Force a showdown.

  1. Over what does your MC disagree with her mentor? When does the mentor prove to be right?

  1. What’s a place in your story where something significant happens? Switch two other story elements to that location.

  1. What should your readers most see, understand, or be angry about? At what story moment will that happen?

  1. How does your POV character change in your current scene? Work backwards. Make that change unlikely, or surprise or impossible.

  1. What’s the worst thing your MC does? Whom does it hurt? Now set it up to hurt even more.

  1. What’s the most selfless thing your MC does? What good or effect does that have on someone unexpected. Add that in.

  1. Choose a middle scene: What does POV character feel strongly about? Evoke that feeling without naming it, through action alone.

  1. Find any violence in your MS-Delete shock, fear or horror and replace with 2 conflicting emotions less obvious.

  1. Think of one action your MC would never take, then force him into a situation where he has no choice. What happens?
 Anything else you want to add?


  1. Nothing to add, just that I recently started reading The Fire in Fiction and am now obsessed with Donald Maas. :) Thanks for posting these questions, they're good to think about!

    (Found you via Emily's blog)

  2. I have a few of his books too. He's awesome and has great insight.

  3. These are great questions! I'm printing this post out and adding it to my writing notebook.

  4. Hey there! I found you through Emily's blog and thought I'd drop by and say hello! Loved your interview! ;)

  5. Thanks East Coaster and Chantele! I'm glad it helped. Thanks for your comments!


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