Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Round-up

First, creativity challenge update.  I've written my short story. Woohoo! I'll post it here next week. I've also completed a scrap book page. It's not a family album, but an album full of my dreams and wishes.'s in the beginning phases and my first page starts with Chaos. No, for real. It is out of Chaos that we start anew!  I'll post a picture next week, hopefully.

A Shameless plug for me: I've paid more attention to Twitter this week and posted my first tweet!  On the right there's a link to follow, if you are so inclined. I'd appreciate it. I'd follow as well.

With all's a few awesome links this week.

Jami Gold How to find Writer Resources...Awesome, organized site on everything writing!

How much time should writers devote to social marketing.  This is a biggie for me. Setting limits is key!

Do publishers edit books by Rachelle Gardner.

A bit of inspiration. Finding your inspiration. At Creepy Query Girl.

There you go. I hope you enjoy them.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, now you can get sucked into Twitter like the rest of us! can become a wee bit addictive!

  2. Great list! I'm going to check ou the social marketing one...having problems with that right now because of the new Twitter thing, like you!

  3. Great article by Rachelle Gardner. I really enjoyed it. You post the best links!

  4. Yeah, Brenda, another Addiction.

    Ha, Lydia. I can always use another hour or two.

    Thanks Emily! Glad you liked them.


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